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Noun1.Portunus - type genus of the family Portunidae
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Portunidae, Portunidae - swimming crabs
English lady crab, Portunus puber - crab of the English coasts
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In the present study, 5356 octolasmids hosted by two Portunus crabs, Potunus pelagicus and p.
Milne-Edwards, 1861) Charybdis lucifera (Fabricius, 1798) Charybdis orientalis (Dana, 1852) Charybdis truncata (Fabricius, 1798) Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758) Portunus sanguinolentus (Herbst, 1783) Scylla serrata (Forskal, 1775) Aratus pisonii (H.
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DARMSTADT, GERMANY -- CST has acquired a source code license for the Adapted Solutions Portunus system simulator, a deal that includes a multi-year collaboration contract.
A source code license is being purchased by Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) for the Portunus system simulator, a product of Adapted Solutions GmbH and the beginning of a multi-year partnership deal.
a]ylor, 1997); the three spot swimming crab Portunus sanguinolentus (Ryan, 1966); and the helmet crab Telmessus cheiragonus (Kamio et al.
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2011) reported that the increased hardness of Portunus pelagicus crabs during frozen storage was due to a change in protein composition.