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Noun1.port wine - sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugalport wine - sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugal
fortified wine - wine to which alcohol (usually grape brandy) has been added
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1 Woods East entrance at Hintz Road and Milwaukee Avenue, while another went to the north end near Dundee and Portwine roads.
[24] These include positional tattoos as reference points for radiation therapy; nipple-areola complex reconstruction after breast cancer or reduction; endoscopic tattooing for surveillance; camouflage for corneal injury, burns, surgical or traumatic hypochromic scars or vitiligo; dermatography for portwine stains; scarring or persistent alopecia; after hair restoration procedures and brow-lift surgery; and lip contouring and colour change.
Nonaka, "Mast cell 'densities' in vascular proliferations: a preliminary study of pyogenic granuloma, portwine stain, cavernous hemangioma, cherry angioma, Kaposi's sarcoma, and malignant hemangioendothelioma," The Journal of Dermatology, vol.
Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome was previously excluded due to the lack of a portwine stain or other vascular malformations and the absence of limb or tissue overgrowth.
(1) Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS) is characterized by a triad of portwine stain, varicose veins and bony and soft tissue hypertrophy.
Potential psychological benefits from early treatment of portwine stain in children.
Portwine, 56 P.3d 1, 5 n.13 (Alaska 2002) (citing Addington v.
As we pulled away from our berth, we could see the names of the great portwine houses - Cockburn, Taylor's, Sandeman - adorning the buildings perched above the river.
Most children with portwine stain show no other symptoms.