Cartesian coordinate system

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Cartesian coordinate system
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Cartesian coordinate system

A coordinate system in which the coordinates of a point are its distances from a set of perpendicular lines that intersect at an origin, such as two lines in a plane or three in space.

Car·te·sian coordinate system

A system in which the location of a point is given by coordinates that represent its distances from perpendicular lines that intersect at a point called the origin. A Cartesian coordinate system in a plane has two perpendicular lines (the x-axis and y-axis); in three-dimensional space, it has three (the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis).
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Noun1.Cartesian coordinate system - a coordinate system for which the coordinates of a point are its distances from a set perpendicular lines that intersect at the origin of the system
coordinate system, frame of reference, reference frame, reference system - a system that uses coordinates to establish position
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First, as shown in Fig.12 (a), at time t - 1, a three-dimensional vector [alpha] is calculated from the three-dimensional position coordinate [H.sub.c] at the center of the palm and the three-dimensional position coordinate [H.sub.t] at the tip.
Let the echo intensity be d(x,y,z), (x,y,z) is position coordinate of echo intensity in matrix, where x[member of] [-150,150], y[member of] [-150,150], z[member of][0,20], d(x,y,z) expresses the observation data that stored in the three-dimensional matrix (x,y,z), and also represents echo intensity at the (x,y,z) in real space.
Position coordinate neural maps were achieved as mathematically predicted although for a reduced number of implemented neurons.
According to step (2), the length of the wave converter, the displacement (or position coordinate) and velocity of the oscillator at the end of the rapid unloading step can be gotten.
From the results we can conclude that the noise in the GPS time series can be best described by FN+WN (about 50 % to 67 %) and PL+WN (about 27 % to 39 %) for the position coordinate time series of the 206 IGS stations.
A major difference between (7) and (4) is the presence of a second term depending both on the position coordinate x and on the time instant t.
In order to establish the relationship between the contour of SRF and the corresponding wavelength, before the convolution, the coordinate system [lambda](y) in wavelength space should be mapped onto a position coordinate system y([lambda]) on image plane.
Suppose the antenna A scans parallel to the Y axis at a horizontal speed of v, the position coordinate is ([x.sub.a], [y.sub.a] + [vt.sub.k], H) at [t.sub.k] and H is the detecting height.
An ADAMS program applies a Lagrangian multiplier method to establish a motion equation of a system; mass centric Cartesian coordinates of a rigid body and an Eulerian angle which reflects orientation of a rigid body are regarded as generalized coordinates in the ADAMS, namely, [q.sub.i] = [[x,y,z,[psi],[theta],[phi]].sup.T]; set R = [[x, y, z].sup.T], [gamma] = [[[psi],[theta],[phi]].sup.T] and q = [[R.sup.T],...,[[gamma].sup.T]], wherein q is a mass centric Cartesian coordinate; R is a mass centric position coordinate; y is a mass centric Eulerian angle coordinate; three unit vectors of the coordinate system are axes of above three Euler's rotations respectively; therefore the three axes are not vertical to each other.
Using the analysing window and changing its position in the entire digital information matrix, we can choose and calculate the max correlation coefficient between the line position coordinate of the analysed staffs and define the step by which this coordinate differs from the line coordinate of the reference scale.
The task the HMSG team had was to design an integrated system to transmit position coordinate data over the radio system, using tracker modules to interface between GPS and radio.
According to (2), given a set of ([[theta].sub.1], [[theta].sub.2]), the position coordinate (x, y) of the end of the robot can be calculated directly, which is the forward position solution of the mechanism.

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