Positive motion

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(Mach.) motion which is derived from a driver through unyielding intermediate pieces, or by direct contact, and not through elastic connections, nor by means of friction, gravity, etc.; definite motion.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She said: "This is a positive motion that is being discussed by Renfrewshire Council and I would hope that everyone in Renfrewshire appreciates the contributions EU students bring.
Turn the langoustine around and pull the knife down the tail, with a forceful and positive motion so you get a clean cut.
Features of the Model OS-Auto Type 3 automatic operating stand include: Conforms to ASTM D2240 Type 3; eliminates operator error; motorized controlled rate of descent; consistent load; adjustable dwell time; precision machined frame and black powder coated base; stainless steel housing for durability and ease of maintenance; precision ground shafts and linear bearings provide smooth positive motion; high quality electric motor and servos provide reliable operation and long life; and removable mass for improved accuracy.
We do not expect positive motion at the Russian market.
You could see Dodson lacked a little ring sharpness, but he plugged away and his hands stayed as busy as his feet while there was also plenty of head movement and positive motion.
When both of these elements are consistent, agree with each other and elicit a positive motion from your audience, feel good about what you've crated and start reaping the rewards.
You start with that slow negative motion and come through, and weight shift to a positive motion. It's all in getting the timing."
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