Positive quantity

(Alg.) an affirmative quantity, or one affected by the sign plus [+].

See also: Positive

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We worked feverishly at carrying our plunder on deck and depositing it amidships, so feverishly that Maud, whose strength was hardly a positive quantity, had to give over, exhausted, and sit on the steps at the break of the poop.
Both exports and imports are very inelastic to changes in relative prices, and eventual positive quantity effects in terms of these variables do not offset cost effects in economies where imports dominate the markets for goods and labor.
This assures the quality of the information garnered about teaching effectiveness, but assumes that SROI items contain at least some positive quantity of information.
Thus absolute entropy is a positive quantity in our (or positive) universe, just as time is a positive quantity in our (or positive) universe.
(32) implies that absolute temperature is a positive quantity in the negative universe.
A passive linear dipole (Figure 1) is assimilated in the electrical domain by a positive quantity that depends upon the working frequency and the circuit parameters.
This meant that a bidder submitting a positive quantity at the clearing price in the final round was faced with a binding commitment to make those reductions.
Annuities are an arbitrary positive quantity of an asset that pays 1 if the policyholder is alive in period 2, else zero.
By default, ORL is defined as a positive quantity, and reflectance is defined as a negative quantity.
Because the numerator is a positive quantity minus a positive quantity, dS/dx cannot be signed.

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