Positive sign

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(Math.) the sign [+] denoting plus, or more, or addition.

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It may be said that her leaving the place dark was a positive sign that she released me, and to this I can only reply that I desired not to be released.
The first positive sign which he gave me of the direction which his investigation was taking was an extraordinary one.
Mr Campbell said: "While this is only a small positive sign it can be out with the other moves like the slight improvement in the housing market, the increases in mortgage lending and the recovery of the stock market as indications of a turnaround.
Speaking at a luncheon attended by leaders of the 27 EU-member states in the Czech capital of Prague on Sunday, Obama said that accepting Turkey to the union would be a "positive sign" to the Muslim world.
"While Aboriginal-specific infrastructure investments, including $200 million for First Nations schools, are a positive sign, we are disappointed the federal government did not announce significant investments in operational education expenses such as teachers' salaries, computer equipment, especial education funding ...
Both agreed that the Amaranth incident is a positive sign for the world financial system, albeit an ugly period for a hedge fund that claimed to have had serious risk control procedures in place.
Speaking as he prepared to hold talks with Tony Blair in London, Mr Maliki said the handover of the Muthanna province earlier this month was a positive sign. Asked on BBC Radio 4's Today programme how long it would be before foreign forces could depart, he replied: 'I think in this visit we will discuss issues that will allow foreign troops to leave.'
This smoke is actually a positive sign since it indicates that any vapors that could create a fire hazard are oxidizing to produce relatively harmless smoke.
"But the pope has great empathy for the problems of the world and wanted to give a positive sign."
A document released recently by an international group of Anglican and Roman Catholic church leaders, which established some common ground about teachings on the Virgin Mary, is a "positive sign" that relations between the two denominations--strained by disagreements over the ordination of women and human sexuality--are on the mend, said an official at the Anglican Church of Canada.
The recent net growth in population (there were more people actually moving in than leaving Thunder Bay) was a positive sign. But since then, new economic policies in hydro rates and American countervailing duties on lumber, as well as the appreciation of the Canadian dollar vis-a-vis the United States greenback, have had a substantial negative impact that does not bode well for the future.
I hope this is a positive sign for the future and that it inspires a new generation of youngsters to embrace the multicultural aspects of what makes Britain such a great place to live in.