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The post-communist transition has been labelled the dual transition as it implied fundamental reforms of both the economy and the political system.
Anatomy of Post-Communist European Defense Institutions: The Mirage of Military Modernity
4) the challenges of the labour market and the local evidences in post-communist countries;
The process of democratization is still going on in post-communist countries.
The new generation of younger, more democratic leaders have stepped in, and have replaced the typical post-communist leaders--the semi-authoritarian leadership styles so far epitomized by Edgar Savisaar and Andrus Ansip.
For the first time in Bulgaria's post-communist history, a socialist-backed candidate has fared better in the capital Sofia than all other contenders in an election, election data shows.
The inability of the Italian post-communist left to come to terms with its past is probably the most resounding of these issues.
Surrounded by Communist and post-Communist construction, it represented, in red brick and wrought iron, an altogether different time.
Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the biggest surprise is how badly most of the post-communist nations have done since.
Robert returns to post-communist Leipzig ten years later to find Magda and find out secrets from the past.
Its author was born in former Czechoslovakia while it was still ruled by the Communist regime and he spent most of his life living in post-Communist contexts.
Business in post-communist Russia; privatisation and the limits of transformation.

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