Postal Union

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a union for postal purposes entered into by the most important powers, or governments, which have agreed to transport mail matter through their several territories at a stipulated rate.

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Chairman of the Q-Post and Council of the Administration (CA) of the Universal Postal Union Faleh Mohamed al-Naemi recently chaired the UPU's Plenary Session held in Bern.
Invitation to tender: the subject of procurement are postal services in domestic and international traffic, according to the law on postal services (official gazette/ 13) and the general conditions and the bidder is required to provide each business day (monday-friday) the reception and delivery of items, all natural and legal persons on the entire croatian territory (including islands, sparsely populated and mountainous areas) and in international postal traffic in accordance with acts of the universal postal union.
According to a communique issued by Universal Postal Union (UPA) despite massive changes registered in the communication technology the services continues to hold its relevance for the economies of many of the countries.
8 (BNA): The Kingdom of Bahrain today joins the international post community in celebrating "World Post Day", which is celebrated every year on October 9th, commemorating the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in the Swiss capital, Berne.
Moreover, the council discussed establishing an Arab training center in Tunisia, in cooperation with the Universal Postal Union, the regional development plan for 2013-2016 and the proposal for issuing a unified Arab post stamp, he noted.
The sitting was addressed by the secretary general of the African Postal Union, Younis Jebrail, who indicated the Sudan's efforts, specially the Ministry of Sciences and Communication and its specialized organs in the success of the works of the 34 session of the unions board of directors.
There is a specialised committee which selects the entries that best suit the theme of the event, following which a panel of international judges formed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) for this purpose will evaluate the entries," Shaikh Bader said.
But postal union chief Dave But postal union chief Dave Ward slammed the decision, Ward slammed the decision, and called for a judicial review.
World Post Day is celebrated to mark the founding of the Universal Postal Union 140 years ago.
During the meeting the sides agreed to promote bilateral cooperation in the field of postal services by signing the Agreement on the international parcels exchange between JSC "Kazpost" and Emirates Post Holding Group, as well as the Agreement on international electronic money order exchange through International Financial System of Universal Postal Union.
Muscat: Dr Hamad bin Salim Al Rawahy, the chief executive of Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and his accompanying delegation recently met with Universal Postal Union (UPU) Director-General Bishar Hussein in the Swiss capital, Bern.
According to the Universal Postal Union said that the letters have risen by a third over the past five years, News.