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1. Situated behind the cranium.
2. Consisting of the parts or structures behind the cranium: the postcranial skeleton of an animal.

post·cra′ni·al·ly adv.
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(Anatomy) anatomy situated behind the cranium
ˌpostˈcranially adv
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These populations have documented frequencies for cranial macromorphoscopic traits, and therefore this preliminary study explores if the similar patterns hold true for the postcrania. The postcranial skeletons, when processed, were well preserved and virtually untouched; only the ribs and some of the sternums were cut to remove internal organs (Hunt & Albanese 2005).
Rose and Katrin Krohmann small mammal postcrania from the cave of Walbeck near the boundary between Niedersachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt.
Phylogeny of Bovidae based on behavior, glands, skulls, and postcrania. In: Antelopes, Deer, and Relatives (Eds.
The great divides: Ardipithecus ramidus reveals the postcrania of our last common ancestors with African apes.
The primates on Rusinga had monkey-like postcrania and likely had very similar locomotor behaviour," Jenkins said.