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 (pōst-dāt′, pōst′-)
tr.v. post·dat·ed, post·dat·ing, post·dates
1. To put a date on (a check, for example) that is later than the actual date.
2. To occur later than; follow in time.
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(Banking & Finance) (of a cheque) showing a date later than that when the cheque was actually written
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[ˈpəʊstˈdeɪtɪd] ADJ [cheque] → con fecha posterior
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The customer writes a postdated check for the amount of the loan plus a hefty fee.
You may not also deposit a postdated check before the date listed on the debtor's check.
The loan fee was $140, and the Stokers wrote a postdated check for $840.
These short-term, high-rate loans are also called cash-advance loans, postdated check loans or deferred-deposit cash loans.
Simultaneous with the signing of the MOA, Bracamonte issued to Cabral a postdated check for P12,677,950.15.
According to an October 2014 analysis by the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), "for a 2week loan of $255 (the max allowed in California) the borrower writes a $300 postdated check ($255 loan plus $45 interest) to the lender.
Aman Futures then issued a receipt acknowledging the investment placement and handed out a postdated check that could be exchanged for cash on a date corresponding to the time the returns were due.
Moreover, when postdated checks are issued and intended only as promissory notes, there is no estafa.
Shawwa also said the MOU abides with banking confidentiality principles, where businesses will identify customers' credit solvency when selling on credit where customers use postdated checks and take the right decision that saves them from engaging in credit risks.
Graft probers said the former officials conspired in issuing postdated checks worth P1.1 million drawn from the Land Bank of the Philippines account of the municipal government.
PTP: This metric tells the manager the total dollar amount of "single-promises" that the collector has scheduled to run between this morning and the last day of the month that are not already represented by postdated checks. A "single-promise" is differentiated from a "recurring promise," or a PPA (see below.) In other words, this is the total amount of all commitments from the debtors in a given file to send a single payment of some amount, but not necessarily anything further.