n.1.A second or subsequent, at the customhouse, of goods which had been omitted by mistake.
2.(Bookkeeping) An additional or subsequent entry.
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242) For the 1910 Act, the targeted postentry conduct was prostitution.
If it cannot recover its sunk entry costs in a timely manner, the prospect of low postentry prices will discourage entry even if the preentry price is at the monopoly level.
Because most of those who adjust status come from the group for whom we recommended preentry screening and postentry follow up, our recommendation remains unchanged and would aid visitors who adjust their status, because they will have completed their TB screening early.
The Role of Innovation in the Postentry Performance of New Small Firms: Evidence from Italy.
Among seven ARGs with positive correlations, the four ARGs, PPIA, TSG101, TRIM5a, and CUL5, are postentry cellular viral cofactors.
108) Averaging eight years postentry into force of legislation, the majority of signatories have failed to convict one person or company.
You'll also have controls upon arrival with our X-ray technology, release management system and postentry audits.
Firm Entry and Postentry Performance in the US Chemical Industry.
Data collection stopped at 150 days postentry because of some of the clients typically being discharged or moved into a different phase of TC treatment.
INS had therefore invalidly targeted him based on postentry acts.