n.1.A second or subsequent, at the customhouse, of goods which had been omitted by mistake.
2.(Bookkeeping) An additional or subsequent entry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Following previous recommendations regarding the measure of met expectations (Irving & Meyer, 1995), we measured the gap between expectations and experience by comparing newcomer employees' preentry expectations with postentry experience for intrinsic motivation.
During the postentry regime, [P.sub.C] exhibits a constant mean value with fluctuations related to spontaneous Haines jumps.
Using firm-level data from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, Aghion, Fally, and Scarpetta (2007) test a stylized model of the entry decision and postentry expansion.
To identify "the best means of support" to all students in need, an important step for universities is to implement a postentry diagnostic assessment procedure (Fox et al., p.
HIV-1 replication is inhibited postentry in PBMCs treated with HBD2 as documented by the inhibition of the accumulation of reverse transcription products [82].
For example, PPIA, TSG101, TRIM5[alpha], APOBEC3G, and CUL5 encode HIV-1 postentry cellular viral cofactors that have been described in recent research.
Because most of those who adjust status come from the group for whom we recommended preentry screening and postentry follow up, our recommendation remains unchanged and would aid visitors who adjust their status, because they will have completed their TB screening early.
(15) This would give the incumbent the ability to keep its price low following entry with much less risk of predatory pricing liability, which would either enable it to compete better or, potentially, deter entry just as the threat of predatory pricing postentry might also deter entry.
Among seven ARGs with positive correlations, the four ARGs, PPIA, TSG101, TRIM5a, and CUL5, are postentry cellular viral cofactors.
(108) Averaging eight years postentry into force of legislation, the majority of signatories have failed to convict one person or company.