Potash soap

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any soap made with potash, esp. the soft soaps, and a hard soap made from potash and castor oil.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The contact insecticides evaluated included: (1) 0.156 mL pyrethrins per L of water (PyGanic EC 1.4 II, 1.4% pyrethrins, MGK Corp., Minneapolis, MN); (2) 0.391 mL pyrethrins + potash soap per L of water (SAFER BRAND Yard & Garden Insect Killer II Concentrate, 0.012% pyrethrins and 1.015% potassium salts of fatty acids, Safer Inc., Lilitz, PA); (3) 0.025 mL pyrethrins + rotenone per L of water (Pyrellin E.C., 0.6% pyrethrins + 0.5% rotenone + 0.5% associated resins, Webb Wright Corp., Ft.
Logistic Regression was used to test for significant differences between control mortality and mortality with the pyrethrins + potash soap, petroleum oil, and potash soap treatments (i.e., the 2 treatments resulting in 100% and 0% mortality were excluded).
perseae nymphs, the pyrethrin mixture was the most effective treatment of those evaluated followed by potash soap, petroleum oil, and pyrethrins + potash soap.