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A perennial Eurasian plant (Potentilla erecta) in the rose family, having yellow flowers and astringent roots.

[Middle English tormentille, from Medieval Latin tormentilla, feminine diminutive of Latin tormentum, torment (from its use as an analgesic); see torment.]


(Plants) a rosaceous downy perennial plant, Potentilla erecta, of Europe and W Asia, having serrated leaves, four-petalled yellow flowers, and an astringent root used in medicine, tanning, and dyeing. Also called: bloodroot
[C15: from Old French tormentille, from Medieval Latin tormentilla, from Latin tormentum agony; referring to its use in relieving pain; see torment]


(ˈtɔr mɛn tɪl)

a low European plant, Potentilla tormentilla, of the rose family, having an astringent root used in tanning and dyeing.
[1350–1400; Middle English tormentille < Medieval Latin tormentilla < Latin torment(um) torment]
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Cluster 3 corresponds to Nardus stricta swards with Genista anglica (Genisto anglicae-Nardetum strictae) that grow in deep, siliceous and hydromorphic soils, characterized by a high number of diagnostic species such as Genista anglica, Nardus stricta, Anthoxanthum odoratum, Juncus squarrosus, Potentilla erecta, Luzula campestris, Carex leporina, etc.
There are some medicinal plants such as Helichrysum arenarium Moench, Artemisia dracunculus L., Potentilla erecta (L.) Racusch.
anthropophyte garden and courtyard Polygala amarella Crantz hemeradiophore meadow Potentilla erecta (L.) Raeusch apophyte meadow Primula veris L.
Grwep o blanhigion oedd yn cael eu defnyddio at ddiffyg traul oedd y dail arian (Potentilla anserina; silverweed), tresgl y moch (Potentilla erecta; tormentil) a pumnalen ymlusgol (Potentilla reptans; creeping cinquefoil).
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