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 (pə-tĕn′zə, pō-tĕn′tsä)
A city of southern Italy in the Apennines east-southeast of Naples. Founded by Romans in the third century bc, it was ruled by numerous feudal overlords during the Middle Ages.
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RENAULT'S fiery new Megane RS model has been updated with state-of-the-art technology for greater efficiency and driving enjoyment - and part of the package is the latest Potenza S001 tyre from Bridgestone.
Cambridge, Massachusetts-based clinical-stage biotechnology company Potenza Therapeutics has provided insights into its portfolio of immuno-oncology therapies that turn on or off the signaling mechanisms that control a patients' own immune system to recognize and destroy cancer, the company said.
The first wind project is located close to Tolve community eastern to the Italian city of Potenza.
com)-- Potenza Global Solutions (PGS) is exploring the never-ending world of the technology solutions to better serve the businesses and help them accomplish their goals.
mesentericum, collected in Potenza and Matera provinces of Basilicata in various years, were used (Table 1 and Figure 1).
Dong and Potenza, 2014) IGD is typified by expanded activity in mesocorticolimbic regions as a reaction to gaming-associated stimuli, indicating that raised incentive salience of gaming cues may determine IGD patients' redundant gaming and desires to participate in online games.
Earlier Thursday, it was revealed that Guidi's partner Gianluca Gemelli had been placed under investigation by prosecutors in Potenza, southern Italy, for influence peddling, as part of a probe that led to the arrest of six other people.
This is one of the better arrangements put out by Potenza Music for brass quintet and we certainly are indebted to the publisher for its support of the genre.
The striking hot hatch includes Recaro seats, R-Link Multimedia system and TomTom Live sat-nav and Bridgestone Potenza tyres, plus the latest on-board Renaultsport Monitor v2.
The Platinum's 20-inch rims will be fitted with the Potenza RE97AS in size P245/40R20 95V.