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 (pŏt′ûrb′, -hûrb′)
A plant whose leaves, stems, or flowers are cooked and eaten or used as seasoning.


(Plants) any plant having leaves, flowers, stems, etc, that are used in cooking for seasoning and flavouring or are eaten as a vegetable


(ˈpɒtˌɜrb, -ˌhɜrb)

any herb boiled for use as a vegetable or added to food as a seasoning.
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Noun1.potherb - any of various herbaceous plants whose leaves or stems or flowers are cooked and used for food or seasoning
veg, vegetable, veggie - edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant


[ˈpɒtˌhɜːb] nerba aromatica
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Dandelions, lamb's-quarter, and chicory were used for fresh salads and potherbs, and the roots of groundnuts and Jerusalem artichokes made a tasty potato substitute.
According to the (2008/2009) HBS, (14) the fruits and potherbs most consumed by the population in southern Brazil are apple, watermelon, Dwarf Cavendish banana, orange, pear, papaya, onion, lettuce, tomato, cabbage, cassava and potato.
Leafy vegetables from a wide variety of plants including potherbs, green vegetables, green or leafy greens are eaten as vegetables.
Golf and betting are a perfect match, but the po-faced potherbs who police Europe's only Major prohibit it.
Begonias have also been used as potherbs or leaf vegetables in many parts of the world, and the roots and tubers of some species have been reported to possess antimicrobial activities and are used to treat various ailments [9-11].
One way to extend the season on a small scale is simply to grow salads like lettuces and chicories, and potherbs like spinach and kale, in a fall garden bed as usual.
"Drying can provide a way to use things you already have instead of buying from some other place." Bell removes ribs from big kale leaves, dries them raw, and crushes them into a jar to use as all-purpose potherbs, and to sell at her farmers market booth alongside her locally famous fruit leathers and dried tomatoes--a springtime treat that satisfies customers' appetites for fresh flavors.
Native Americans of the western plains used fresh clover leaves for salads and potherbs. It should be noted, however, that the raw leaves are difficult to digest if picked after the blossoms have appeared.
Others are plants that are used as vegetables like lambsquarters and stinging nettles; these are known as potherbs. In addition there are plants used for a variety of foods--young dandelion leaves for salads, wild leeks for pickles, and elderflowers for fritters are only a few of the many choices.
The titles of their contributions are as follows: An introduction to the scientific literature of herbs, spices and medicinal plants, Chemotaxonomic aspects of essential oils, Botanical nomenclature of culinary herbs and potherbs, Biochemistry of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes of the essential oils, The biochemical pharmacology of plantalkaloids, Plyphenolic compounds with biological and pharmacological activity, Production ecology of secondary plant products, The chemistry, pharmacology and commercial formulations of chamomile, and Medicinal plants of Israel -an ethnobotanical survey.
In a study carried in 2011 in the Brazilian city of Brasilia to evaluate characteristics and reasons for consumption of fruits and potherbs and the concept of healthy eating of adults living in the city, 69.5% of respondents stated eating fruit five or more times a week.
I also plant crucifers--including mustards, raab, Oriental greens such as pak choi and tatsoi--all are tasty and nutritious "potherbs," or cooking greens.