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Noun1.Potos - a genus of ProcyonidaePotos - a genus of Procyonidae    
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Procyonidae, Procyonidae - raccoons; coatis; cacomistles; kinkajous; and sometimes pandas
honey bear, kinkajou, Potos caudivolvulus, Potos flavus, potto - arboreal fruit-eating mammal of tropical America with a long prehensile tail
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Ubicacion del nuevo registro para la martucha (Potos flavus) en la Reserva de la Biosfera Barranca de Metztitlan y el estado de Hidalgo (se indica con un triangulo).
sp., a new ascarid nematode isolated from captive kinkajou, Potos flavus, from the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.
Radio-tracking observations on ranging and foraging patterns by kinkajous (Potos flavus) in French Guiana.
The perimeter road brings you to Thassos's second town, confusingly named Limenaria, and the pretty villages of Pefkari and Potos.
* A seven-night half board break departing form London Gatwick with Thomson to the 4T Alexandra Beach Hotel in Potos on May 6, 2007 starts from pounds 389, based on two adults sharing a double room.
"We Lit the Lamps Ourselves" is an anthology of poetry from Andrea Potos, who channels the works of past women writers, taking the path they lit and continuing it onwards herself.