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n.1.A superior kind of souchong tea.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Also run by the descendant of the founder, the factory has improved on and expanded basic techniques learned from the Japanese to come up with noodles in a wide variety of flavors-green tea, black sesame, taro, brown rice, pouchong tea, oolong tea, as well as the classic.
This calendar from the very fancy Fortnum and Mason has 24 of their blends of tea with flavours including Rose Pouchong, Darjeeling and Royal Blend to name a few.
The presence of Chinese provision stores such as Hap Hing Co., sauce shops like Pouchong Bros., Sing Cheung and Sing Ho, and family-owned home-style eateries such as Tung Nam, Pou Hing and D'ley further emphasizes the unified enterprise of the community and the settlement (figures 2 and 9).
Consumers are urged to avoid products containing this substance, which may be listed on product labels as "4-amino2-methylpentane citrate," "AMP citrate," "1,3-dimethylbutylamine citrate,""4-amino-2-pentanamine," "Pentergy," "4-AMP" or "extracted from pouchong tea."
A tour of the Bao Chung plantation was an enjoyable break after the lung-bursting start to the tour and nothing was more welcome than good cups of Pouchong and Oolong tea after seeing leaves picked on the slopes, graded, dried and finally turned into a delicious and refreshing brew.
Experiment with exotic varieties of green teas like Gunpowder, Dragonwell, Hojicha and Sencha; black teas such as Golden Needle, Keemun, Lapsang Souchong and Assam; Oolongs like Pouchong, Qing Tea, Red Hood and Wuyi; or Matcha, a fine, powdered green tea used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
Like the green tea in the original test, semifermented pouchong tea "significantly increased glucose uptake" by fat cells taken from diabetic animals that drank it, Hwang told Science News.
They include calvados and jasmine tea, which cleanses the palate and contains very little caffeine; brandy and Rose Pouchong Tea, suitable after a hot and spicy Indian meal; Grand Marnier and Lady Grey Tea after a Mediterranean-themed dinner and port and Earl Grey Tea, instead of port and stilton.
All one can do is list a few randomly chosen examples, thus, one finds Broodkass identified along with Coffee creamer, Egg spaghetti, Gas law, Lime [material (calcium oxide; quicklime)], Muscovy duck, Pouchong, Semitendinosus, Sugar - preserving, Urase and Wensleydale cheese.
Golden Moon Tea Wins Top Awards at World Tea Expo Golden Moon Tea's Coconut Pouchong flavored tea won the coveted first place "Best Green Tea" competition in the Ice Tea Shake Off competition held during the World Tea Expo.
Baozhong tea (Pouchong) is dried completely after rolling, and baked for a short time at a low temperature to insure that the moisture level is no more than 3-5%.