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The Executive Director of Humanitarian Alarm advised the children to develop the habit of reading and take their education serious, 'as it is the easiest route of fighting against povert
Sarkar, J and Sarkar, D (2016): Why Does Child Labor Persist with declining Povert. Economic Inquiry.
ISLAMABAD -- Executive Director of National Institute of Folk Heritage, Dr Fouzia Saeed has said that the government will eliminate povert successfully in the country through its economical reforms.
Siem Reap province's rural povert y is readily apparent by casual observation a few miles outside of the Angkor Wat tourist region.
Chestnut, Born Again in Brazil: The Pentecostal Boom and the Pathogens of Povert (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1997).
(15) God sende vs pees twen Ynglond and Fraunce; Werre causith povert, pees causith habundaunce, And attween bothen for ther moor encrees, Withoute feynyng, fraude, or varyaunce, Twen al Cristene Crist Ihesus send vs pees.
Beinecke 2008 2479, back endpaper guard 4) be fowrte b<r>aunche as men ma<y> proue 4040 Is when a | man will povert (3) loue So <d>oope be verray mek | in hert On fowre maneres he loues pouert He loues | <...> co <...> And haldis &lt;b&gt;e manere of <...> h<a>lly | 1) 4045 <H>e tholes for goddis loue dysese4 Hunggyr and cald and....
World Bank, 1993 (31) The 1993 World Development Report promoted investment in health as an essential priority for development noting education, empowerment, and povert reduction are prerequisites for and outcomes of better health at the individual and household level.
The students demonstrated their social commitment by making rural connectivity visits to BPL village Sundarpura and also participated in distributing blankets to povert stricken villagers and construction workers.
The Chief of PPAF, Qazi Azmat Esa, was of the opinion that this agreement would strengthen both institutions in analyzing povert and addressing it through concrete combined efforts.