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n.1.A mill in which gunpowder is made.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Beneficial Equipment Finance Corporation, Cash Connect, Cypress Capital Management, LLC, NewLane Finance, Powdermill Financial Solutions, WSFS Institutional Services, WSFS Wealth Investments, West Capital Management, and WSFS Mortgage.
Other subsidiaries or divisions include Christiana Trust, WSFS Wealth Investments, Powdermill Financial Solutions, LLC, Cypress Capital Management, LLC, Cash Connect, WSFS Mortgage and Arrow Land Transfer.
Situated off Powdermill Brae, the homes on offer will be a mix of two, three, four and five-bedroom family properties in a choice of 10 styles, with 21 houses and apartments built as affordable housing.
Years ago, I would drive to Rector on irregular weekends, asmall town in Pennsylvania's large Appalachian Plateau Province.Along Powdermill Run Road, my suv passed roadside nets clotted withcaught wild birds: ruby-throated hummingbirds, white-throated sparrows,Tennessee warblers, catbirds, brown thrashers.
Location Dates of Study Sample Size Southern Illinois July 2013 J 91 Powdermill Biologi- 1979-1998$ 1511 *; 858 * cal Station, PA Ozarks, MO Feb.
This setup, at Powdermill Avian Research Center in Rector, Pa., is one of three in the United States testing ways to prevent birds from flying into glass.
There are some great forested areas like Battle Great Wood and Powdermill Woods.
O'Brien was the owner and operator of O'Brien's Service Center on Powdermill Road in Maynard.
All streams drained lower slopes of Laurel Ridge (maximum elevation 848 m) and were located on or adjacent to Powdermill Nature Reserve, the 891 ha biological field station of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History located near Rector, Pennsylvania.
To find out, Dr Josh Van Buskirk of the University of Zurich, Switzerland and colleagues Robert Mulvihill and Robert Leberman of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Rector, Pennsylvania, US, decided to evaluate the sizes of hundreds of thousands of birds that pass through the Carnegie Museum's Powdermill ringing station, also in Pennsylvania.
Schneller LLC, 6019 Powdermill Road, Kent, OH 44240.