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Family of British writers, comprising the brothers John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), whose novels, such as Wolf Solent (1929), glorify nature; Theodore Francis Powys (1875-1953), who wrote allegorical novels, such as Mr. Weston's Good Wine (1927); and Llewelyn Powys (1884-1939), known primarily for his essays.


(Placename) a county in E Wales, formed in 1974 from most of Breconshire, Montgomeryshire, and Radnorshire. Administrative centre: Llandrindod Wells. Pop: 129 300 (2003 est). Area: 5077 sq km (1960 sq miles)


1. (Biography) John Cowper (ˈkuːpə). 1872–1963, British novelist, essayist, and poet, who spent much of his life in the US. His novels include Wolf Solent (1929), A Glastonbury Romance (1932), and Owen Glendower (1940)
2. (Biography) his brother, Llewelyn. 1884–1939, British essayist and journalist
3. (Biography) his brother, T(heodore) F(rancis). 1875–1953, British novelist and short-story writer, noted for such religious fables as Mr Weston's Good Wine (1927) and Unclay (1931)


(ˈpoʊ ɪs)

John Cowper, 1872–1963, English author.
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Noun1.Powys - British writer of essays; one of three literary brothers (1884-1939)
2.Powys - British writer of allegorical novels; one of three literary brothers (1875-1953)
3.Powys - British writer of novels about nature; one of three literary brothers (1872-1963)
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