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n.1.A support; - used in composition; as, teapoy.
2.A ropedancer's balancing pole.
3.A long boat hook by which barges are propelled against the stream.
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“Richart,” said Major Hartmann, turning his grave countenance toward the gentleman he addressed, with much earnestness, “ter poy is goot.
With a retrofit option, it is possible to replace the jet pack on existing SP-2 housings or for customers specific design as for Barmag FDY Wing as well as for TMT ORKA POY production machines.
spinning preparation for severe (poy) and dyed (except black) textured yarns: dryfi l 165 m products or afilan mtf or equivalent 66 000 kg, 532 961 byn
NLEX's Poy Erram loses the ball to Alaska's Carl Bryan Cruz (MB photo | Rio Leonelle Deluvio)
Established 30 years ago in France, POY currently operates in over 40 countries with an effort to guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation.
The annual NJPEC POY Awards recognize the year's best packaging designs and innovations, and this year's program saw an impressive number of submissions.
POY USA said winners outperform category sales performance by 38.1%.
The NJPEC POY Awards recognizes the year's best packaging designs and innovations, and this year's program saw a record number of submissions.
Vivienne Poy. Passage to Promise Land: Voices of Chinese Immigrant Women to Canada.
Mazola, one of the pioneers of healthy food products in the Gulf, was awarded the Product of the Year Award (POY) for its sunflower oil in the cooking oil category, in Dubai.
NEW YORK -- Many familiar brands that introduced new consumer packaged goods (CPG) products last year, including Crest, Gold Bond, Listerine and Carmex, were among the 30 Product of the Year (POY) award winners announced at a gala event here this month.
The Product of the Year Award (POY) for 2015, a prestigious award that rewards innovation in the FMCG sector, will have 45 categories, the highest number of categories POY has seen in the Middle East, said a top official.