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The routing features of the APR-3100N series include VPN settings IPsec, Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP.
En el presente documento analizaremos los avances producidos desde 2001, momento en el cual se crea el PPTP respondiendo al Decreto Reglamentario 2007 (1) (2001) de la Ley 387 de 1997.
Despite its age, it is still used as the primary authentication mechanism by most PPTP virtual private network (VPN) clients.
11g; un puerto WAN y cuatro Ethernet 10/100 Mbps; tecnologia de multiples entradas y multiples salidas (MIMO), con 2TX/2 RX; protocolos paraADSL PPPoE, PPTP y L2TP; soporta WPA-PS K, WPA2-PSK, WPAy WPA2; incluye dos antenas inteligentes internas.
Vyatta appliances deliver a range of networking features including integrated BGP, OSPF and RIP routing; stateful firewall; IPsec and PPTP VPNs; quality of service (QoS); WAN load balancing; WAN interface capabilities from ADSL to T3; and LAN interface capabilities up to 10Gb/s, the company said.
SEGURIDAD: NAT, filtrado de paquetes, deteccion de intrusos, inspeccion de paquetes, proteccion contra DoS, autenticacion por contrasena al modem, IPsec, PPTP, L2TP
The InstaGate PRO integrates both IPsec and PPTP virtual private networking for supporting multiple branch offices, as well as remote teleworkers and traveling employees.
The on board software delivers routing and security with a range of features including integrated BGP, OSPF and RIP routing, stateful firewall, IPsec and PPTP VPNs, quality of service (QoS), WAN load balancing, WAN interface capabilities from ADSL to T3 and LAN interface capabilities up to 10 Gb/s.
Cada ruteador incluye un servidor integrado VPN, un cliente VPN para soportar multiples conexiones usando protocolos como IPSec, PPTP y L2TP; ademas, un puerto WAN 10/100Mbps para ser usado con conexiones de Internet de alta velocidad y un puerto COM, para el uso con una conexion telefonica externa por medio de un modem ISDN.
VPN pass-through support is provided for multiple simultaneous IPSec, L2TP and PPTP sessions by the router's NAT protocol.