Practical information

Practical information   
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Most digital radiography textbooks have dealt primarily with the managerial aspects, he says, with little practical information about how digital imaging actually works and clinical implications of the technology for the daily practice of radiography.
VSS recently launched a new freephone number - 0800 160 1985 - which is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, with 24/7 information provided via Kate Wallace, chief executive of VSS, said: "It's so important for victims of crime to feel that they are being listened to and understood, as well as getting the practical information they need.
Featured are: 10 step-by-step projects for beds, tables, benches, coat racks, lamps, kiva ladders, and more; Detailed, practical information on procuring and processing logs; Sage troubleshooting advice based on years of experience; Expert guidance on all the woodworking techniques needed to know to successfully accomplish the showcased projects.
Spiced with surprising, fun facts -- such as that the first daredevil to go over the Falls in a barrel was a sixty-three-year-old schoolteacher, Annie Edson Taylor, in 1901 -- the guidebook features lush photographs and descriptions of things to do and places to see on both the American and Canadian sides, as well as practical information to make planning a visit easy.
Participants will receive a link with all the practical information approximately 1 week before the webinar takes place.
The event aims to provide healthcare practitioners from all specialities with practical information to enhance the quality of care for breast cancer.
The book is full of practical information and is beautifully illustrated.
There is a small amount of practical information on how to make up a bird feeder, where to watch birds, some useful websites, and further information on books and a glossary.
Ms Garrett added: "We want to provide businesses with practical information and demonstrations on compliance, training and resources to ensure they are adequately prepared for all types of on-site emergencies.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- Details of a draft regulation developed by the Ministry of Education emerged recently showing that the ministry is aiming to improve education at driving schools by including more up-to-date and practical information in the curriculum and decreasing the number of questions asked on driving tests.
Summary: DUBAI -- Approximately half of all expatriates say they moved to the UAE without the necessary practical information to make the transition, while a third found the overall relocation experience more challenging than anticipated, according to research released by insurance grouop Zurich entitled, "Moving to your new world: A guide to living in Dubai".

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