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pl n
the real facts or details of a situation, as opposed to its theoretical aspects
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Yet in the interval since Crick's last view of them something had occurred which changed the pivot of the universe for their two natures; something which, had he known its quality, the dairyman would have despised, as a practical man; yet which was based upon a more stubborn and resistless tendency than a whole heap of so-called practicalities. A veil had been whisked aside; the tract of each one's outlook was to have a new horizon thenceforward--for a short time or for a long.
"Have you got anything to cut it with?" queried Diana, wiping away the tears which Anne's affecting accents had caused to flow afresh, and returning to practicalities.
And the subject that I would recommend to be taught to those students would be the practicalities of being a parent, with guidelines on the best ways to bring up children.
The reported comments of Coun Cook that being concerned about distance is 'ridiculous' conveys an arrogant disregard for practicalities. I have a similar concern as Mr Seligman: since the closure of the Waungron Road recycling site, my choice is to take two buses to the nearest site (and two buses back), or rely upon someone else to drive me, in order to responsibly recycle small items that shouldn't go into household refuse.
A car for all seasons - and all practicalities - it sits somewhat in a "mix and match" sector, offering the versatility of a large estate car coupled with the ability to carry up to seven occupants in the style you would expect from a premier-brand MPV.
The TUC conference supported a move to consider the practicalities of a walkout by millions of workers as part of co-ordinated action against the coalition.
Practicalities dictate that Arkansas take advantage of what the law offers: millions of federal dollars to extend health care to an additional 250,000 poor people.
Neil actually said: "I note the Mayor of London has raised the issue as something that needs to be seriously considered, and while we are clearly at the start of the long process, we are willing to discuss the practicalities.
Part Two, Bare Essentials, shows how to sort out practicalities such as heating and communications.
"A lot of countries talk about the fight against international terrorism, about ensuring regional security; what the Bahraini government wants to do is to actually concentrate on the practicalities. It's not simply a question of technology.
Aircraft maintenance training shifts to practicalities. Aviation maintenance training should be line-oriented and grounded in practicality, maintenance experts say.