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pl n
the real facts or details of a situation, as opposed to its theoretical aspects
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Yet in the interval since Crick's last view of them something had occurred which changed the pivot of the universe for their two natures; something which, had he known its quality, the dairyman would have despised, as a practical man; yet which was based upon a more stubborn and resistless tendency than a whole heap of so-called practicalities.
queried Diana, wiping away the tears which Anne's affecting accents had caused to flow afresh, and returning to practicalities.
Contract notice: Expert advice agriculture / forestry, rural development and fisheries sector to the administrative practicalities services.
Practicalities dictate that Arkansas take advantage of what the law offers: millions of federal dollars to extend health care to an additional 250,000 poor people.
A lot of countries talk about the fight against international terrorism, about ensuring regional security; what the Bahraini government wants to do is to actually concentrate on the practicalities.
According to the publisher, it has become increasingly difficult for professionals and graduate students to understand the essential theory and practicalities well enough to design their own algorithms and systems.
How do you publish construction details that appeal to critical practitioners, inexperienced students, a wide range of anoraks as well as designers who are simply above the tiring practicalities of when is a bridge cold?
OTTAWA -- Two-thirds of people with Bipolar I Disorder are able to hold down a job, particularly if they have help with the practicalities of living, such as meal preparation or getting to doctor's appointments says a new study published in "How Healthy are Canadians?
However, as a result of discussions, Defra officials agreed to examine the practicalities of bringing forward such payments.