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 (păl′ĭ-strē′nə, pä′lĕ-strē′nä), Giovanni Pierluigi da 1526?-1594.
Italian composer noted for his sacred choral music, which typifies late Renaissance polyphony.


(Biography) Giovanni Pierluigi da (dʒoˈvanni pierˈluiːdʒi da). ?1525–94, Italian composer and master of counterpoint. His works, nearly all for unaccompanied choir and religious in nature, include the Missa Papae Marcelli (1555)


(ˌpæl əˈstri nə)

Giovanni Pierluigi da, 1526?–94, Italian composer.
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Noun1.Palestrina - Italian composer (1526-1594)Palestrina - Italian composer (1526-1594)  
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He asks the reader to imagine Pope Julius II sitting with his back to the depictions of Canon and Civic Law and looking out the window beneath the Parnassus to his villa, influenced as it was by the ancient ruins of Praeneste with its temple of Lortuna Primigenia, an oracular site.
They also seem to have been utilised by individuals with a personal connection to the province: the bronze coinage issued at Nemausus where the veterans from the Egyptian campaign were settled (see Figure 2) and a marble frieze probably from a funerary monument set up to honour a veteran who settled at Praeneste.
Ovid associates her with mater matuta (a goddess of ripening grain and later, the dawn) and says that she had an oracular shrine at Praeneste (55) so here we see a reference to her prophetic abilities.
Thanks to an imaginative emendation of one Latin text, Panvinio concluded that it had been composed by the Augustan antiquarian Verrius Flaccus--whom we now assume was responsible for the inscribed calendar (also called Fasti) at Praeneste not at Rome, and was one of the sources for Ovid's famous 'Calendar Poem', the Fasti.