Praetorian Guard

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Praetorian Guard

1. The elite bodyguard of a Roman emperor, consisting of between 5,000 and 10,000 members.
2. A member of this bodyguard.

[Originally the bodyguard of a praetor or a general.]

Praetorian Guard

1. (Historical Terms) the bodyguard of the Roman emperors, noted for its political corruption, which existed from 27 bc to 312 ad
2. (Historical Terms) a member of this bodyguard

Praeto′rian Guard′

the bodyguard of a military commander of ancient Rome, esp. the bodyguard of the emperor.
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Noun1.Praetorian Guard - a member of the Praetorian GuardPraetorian Guard - a member of the Praetorian Guard  
Praetorian Guard - the elite bodyguard of a Roman Emperor in ancient Rome
bodyguard, escort - someone who escorts and protects a prominent person
2.Praetorian Guard - the elite bodyguard of a Roman Emperor in ancient Rome
bodyguard - a group of men who escort and protect some important person
Praetorian, Praetorian Guard - a member of the Praetorian Guard

praetorian guard

(Hist) the Praetorian Guard (= body)die Prätorianergarde
(fig: = loyal group) → Prätorianergarde f, → Prätorianer pl; that praetorian guard of foreigners around the Presidentdie ausländischen Prätorianer in der Umgebung des Präsidenten
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To the second floor on which the window was situated, he ascended, much pre-occupied in mind by the uncertainties besetting the Roman Empire, and much regretting the death of the amiable Pertinax: who only last night had left the Imperial affairs in a state of great confusion, by falling a victim to the fury of the praetorian guards.
In interviews, Bundy espouses verbiage of the Sovereign Citizen movement, thereby gaining the support of members of the Oath Keepers, the White Mountain Militia and the Praetorian Guard militias.
The domestic security package creates out of the police a structure that is completely subordinated to centralized control and looks like a Praetorian Guard corps.
Pierson shattered the glass ceiling, but she also helped shatter the concept of an invulnerable Praetorian Guard -- a lapse that puts the president in greater danger from all America's crazed enemies.
Sanchez, who was part of Castro's praetorian guard for 17 years, has claimed that contrary to the sacrifices he demanded of Cubans, Castro never renounced capitalist comforts or chosen to live in austerity.
Godane has recently sidelined commanders who were also Somali tribal leaders to beef up the Amniyat (secret service), which he uses as a kind of Praetorian Guard that answers only to him.
The supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his Praetorian Guard continue to proclaim the virtues of resistance and are mindful of those who don't share their zeal.
In Iraq it includes, among other elements, the continued training of something akin to an elite counter-terrorism Praetorian Guard to protect senior officials while also advancing efforts against a growing Salafist presence in the country, linked to resurgent Sunni terrorism that is attempting to weaken the government of Nouri al-Maliki.
This was particularly true of the Interior Ministry, which Ben Ali manipulated as a personal praetorian guard.
I find the insistence on Welsh language education by the inhabitants of Cardiff Bay, who sees themselves, mistakenly as, the Praetorian Guard of Wales, shocking.
When Mugabe unleashed his praetorian guard, the Ndebele had nowhere to flee to.
But what is perhaps most significant is the generals' longing to emulate the old Turkish model of the army as the secular constitutional order's Praetorian Guard.