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Noun1.Prag - the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic in the western part of the countryPrag - the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic in the western part of the country; a cultural and commercial center since the 14th century
Czech Republic - a landlocked republic in central Europe; separated from Slovakia in 1993
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Prag, who stepped down as a councillor in 2017, said of Gordon yesterday: "He is a street trader in the Eastgate area and is very well-known there with his display of jewellery.
"This unique program combines academic excellence with energy industry expertise along with a rare networking opportunity," Dr Prag Diwan said.
Generated by the texts, rather than their author's biography, is 'das ertraumte "goldene" und "graue" Prag' (p.
Prag Mistry, managing director of importer and distributor Fruit mann, said consumers were moving away from the time-consuming process of peeling a traditional orange.
Prag Mistry, of importers Fruitmann, said: "People find them easier to eat as they have so little time."
Milan Harvalik (Prag) ispituje mjesto mikrotoponima u dijakronijskim dijalektalnim istrazivanjima u Ceskoj.
He sees the spirit of Protestant doctrine passing from Waldenses to Albigenses, from Wycliffe to Hieronymus von Prag and Jan Hus, from Luther in Germany to Zwingli in Zurich, from Oecolampadius in Basel to Capito in Strasburg, ending at Calvin's reformed Church in Geneva.