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On Lokanatha: National Archives (NA) of Thailand, SR.0201.10/24, Lokanatha's letter to King Prajadhipok, 26 Dec.
But for him to sail through, his camp must secure at least 126 seats in addition to the 250 senators to win the required 376 votes, Stithorn Thananithichot, a political scientist from King Prajadhipok's Institute, said.
During the last decade of absolutism, criticisms about the aristocratic Siamese and even the failure of King Prajadhipok's administration were loudly voiced by a number of newspapers and magazines such as Bangkok kanmueang, Krolek and Siam Review (Copeland 1993, pp.
This was the beginning of emancipation of the Thai people culminating in a bloodless coup in 1932 led by a group of foreign educated students and men from the military that compelled King Prajadhipok to grant a constitution, handing over the affairs of the government to a prime minister.
A network of groups, including academics and institutions such as the King Prajadhipok Institute (the National Assembly's research and training outfit) favoured the agenda.
(5) See the constitutional drafters' arguments and debates in Thawinwadi Burikun et al., Than kho mun rai-ngan kan prachum sapha rang ratthathammanun pho so 2540 [Database for Thailand's Constitution Drafting Assembly Records: The 1997 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand) (Bangkok: King Prajadhipok's Institute and Asia Foundation, 1999).
In 1932 King Prajadhipok was overthrown by a military coup which led to Gen.
King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) initially accepted this change but later surrendered the kingship to his 10-year-old nephew.
In order to answer this question, the study combines the regional survey described above with a contemporaneous 2006 national survey conducted by the King Prajadhipok's Institute (N = 1,546).