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n.1.One who dresses showily; a prinker.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Such behaviour put the public at risk of bodily harm and the pranker in danger of physical violence and other unexpected responses from the target audience.
Police found out that the pranker is a 32-year-old Temir Kalmyrzayev, who serves his sentence in the remand prison #1.
For example, one individual described a trickster as pranker and a sneaker pants.
Lostprophets @ University Students' Union, Cardiff (Wednesday) 1.00 Three @ the Fringe 2.30 The Pranker 4.00 Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes 4.55 The Pranker 5.25 Close.
Crime thriller, 3.00 Duty Free 3.25 Emmerdale BBC3 7.00 Doctor Who 8.30 Celebrity Scammers Movie Mistakes 2: EastEnders 10.30 Family Guy 12.45 News 1.15 The Pranker Fringe 3.15 The Real Scammers 3.40 Russell 4.10 The Pranker Close.
GERRY: Wept when his gay pranker chum Seany got kicked out.
That snap has now been pulled - but not before showing who the real pranker is.
12.55 The Only Way Is Essex 1.40 CoRonation StReet 2.10 EmmeRdale 3.00 Teleshopping ITV3 6.00 Duty FRee 6.30 HeaRtbeat 7.25 DR Quinn: Medicine Woman 8.25 Home to Roost 9.00 IRonside 11.10 Kavanagh QC 12.55 HeaRtbeat 1.55 GeoRge and MildRed 2.30 TeRRy and June 3.05 DR Quinn: Medicine Woman 4.05 Daily Cooks Challenge 5.05 Home to Roost 5.35 HeaRtbeat 6.40 GeoRge and MildRed 7.10 TeRRy and June 7.50 Agatha ChRistie's PoiRot 9.00 MaRtin Clunes: Man to Manta 10.00 TRial and RetRibution IX 11.35 Kavanagh QC 1.05 ITV3 NightscReen 1.30 Teleshopping PaRents 9.00 Tulisa - My Mum and Me 10.00 EastEndeRs 10.30 The PRankeR 11.00 Family Guy 11.45 WilfRed 12.30 AmeRican Dad!
The prankers also had some questions to ask about the alleged poison gas used in the Damascus suburb of Douma on April 7.
alex Zane enters a world of Complete Prankers with the 50 greatest online video pranks.
The Purple Helmets Wize Prankers Follows on from their last popular release, Total Sh*te, the world's craziest stunt team are at it again on their stunt bikes - the Honda C90 commuter moped.