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A city of central Italy northwest of Florence. It has been a textile center since the 1200s.


(Italian ˈpraːto)
(Placename) a walled city in central Italy, in Tuscany: woollen industry. Pop: 172 499 (2001). Official name: Prato in Toscana


(ˈprɑ toʊ)

a city in central Italy, near Florence. 160,220.
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The first fine afternoon your ladies must go to Prato.
Meanwhile, the company is progressing with the installation of 100 5G-ready small cells in the northern city of Turin and is also participating in the governments pre-commercial trials of 5G networks in Milan and Prato in the north of the country, L'Aquila in the centre, and Bari and Matera in the south.
Anthony's Shrine in the Prato Della Valle in Padua is scheduled to be held on Sunday the 1st of May, 2015.
We looked at importers," said Julio Prato, 36, a district attorney and a member of the U.
Prato, Italy | AFP -- Pope Francis will Tuesday deliver a major speech on the theme of work in the symbolic location of Prato, a small town near Florence that has become synonymous with Chinese immigration to Italy.
Iris Origo included some of the letters in her 1957 volume The Merchant of Prato, but it was only in 1977 that Valeria Rosati published the complete collection (Le let tere di Margherita Datini a Francesco di Marco (1384-1410), Prato: Cassa Risparmi e Depositi).
Carolyn James and Antonio Pagliaro have brought to life the first English translation of the 251 letters Margherita Datini (1360-1423) wrote to her husband--the merchant of Prato, whose life was famously described by Iris Origo--between January 1384 and January 1410.
PRATO, Italy, Muharram 29, 1435, Dec 2, 2013, SPA -- A fire in a clothing factory in Prato, Italy, Sunday killed at least seven people and injured two others, medical officials said, according to UPI.
In 2011/12 he played for Italian side Cavalieri Prato, returning from in 2012 when his joined Newport Gwent.
By Steve Riches, travel consultant MORNING: A long swim, then a feast of warm bread, boiled eggs, beef carpaccio and runny Gorgonzola with my wife, Stena, kids and grandchildren on the terrace of Prato di Sotto, our hideaway high in the mountains of Umbria.
Stade Francais, with nine points from their opening two wins, have the chance to go back above Grenoble when they visit Italy to play Cavalieri Prato today.
The hotel is providing Easter celebrations at its cafe Prato from April 1 to 9, 2012.