praying mantis

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pray·ing mantis

A mantis, especially the European species Mantis religiosa, which while at rest folds its front legs as if in prayer.

praying mantis


praying mantid

(Animals) another name for mantis


(ˈmæn tɪs)

also mantid

n., pl. -tis•es, -tes (-tēz) also -tids.
any of several predaceous insects of the family Mantidae, having a long prothorax and typically holding the forelegs in an upraised position as if in prayer.
[1650–60; < New Latin < Greek, prophet; akin to mania]

pray·ing man·tis

(prā′ĭng măn′tĭs)
Any of various predatory insects that are usually pale green and have two pairs of walking legs and a pair of strong grasping forelimbs. Praying mantises are related to cockroaches, and the female often eats her mate.
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Noun1.praying mantis - the common mantispraying mantis - the common mantis      
mantid, mantis - predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regions; rests with forelimbs raised as in prayer

praying mantis

[ˌpreɪɪŋˈmæntɪs] Nmantis f inv religiosa

praying mantis

praying mantis

[ˌpreɪɪŋˈmæntɪs] nmantide f religiosa