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 (prē′sō-krăt′ĭk, -sə-)
Of or relating to the Greek philosophers or philosophical systems of thought before Socrates.
A pre-Socratic philosopher.


(ˌpri səˈkræt ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to the philosophers or philosophical systems of the period before the Socratic period.
2. any philosopher of this period.
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Noun1.pre-Socratic - any philosopher who lived before Socrates
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
Adj.1.pre-Socratic - before the time of Socrates
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The subjects are Edward Jenner: Medical Innovation and Methodology in the late 18th Century, Pre-Socratic Philosophy, Military Campaigns of the Yellow Turban Rebellion - 184-205CE, Martin Luther King Jr, and London in 1666: Society, Politics and the Urban Environment in the Year of the Great Fire.
When I spoke with Argue at his studio, he discoursed fluently on everything from pre-Socratic philosophy to Borges.
He also reviews and evaluates past scholarship on the text, placing particular emphasis on the sophistic rhetoric and pre-Socratic philosophy that are found in it but have been little mentioned previously.
Menn relies on Cherniss' claim that pre-Socratic philosophy anticipates the natural philosophy of the Timaeus, which contains both a critique and a summa of pre-Socratic argument.
Nietzsche's adult engagement with the pre-Socratics may be traced to the summer of 1873, when he began to give lectures on pre-Socratic philosophy at the University of Basel.
I hear that David Love, from Birmingham-based independent financial advisers Chamberlain, whose 48-year-old knees now limit his footballing aspirations, has been swotting up on Pre-Socratic philosophy for an appearance on the seminal BBC quiz show, Mastermind.
It is as if we had to reconstruct our understanding of pre-Socratic philosophy while remaining bereft of any reliable quotations and dependent on indirect testimonia alone.