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a.1.(Anat.) In front, or on the ventral side, of the aorta.
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From these nodes, lymph passes to the coeliac group of preaortic nodes.
Type I and II, have obliterated ventral preaortic limb with dorsal limb continuing as RLRV either in orthotopic position in Type I variant, whereas, it joins inferiorly with IVC in Type II variant.
Most frequently, right-sided tumors spread to the aortocaval nodes, precaval nodes and right paracaval and retrocaval nodes, while left-sided tumors usually spread to the left paraaortic nodes and preaortic nodes.
It is generally agreed that the predominant drainage pattern from the kidney is cephalad posterior and medial, (15) and that the favored primary lymphatic drainage from the right kidney is the paracaval, precaval, retrocaval, and interaortocaval LNs, whereas from the left kidney it is the para-aortic, preaortic, retroaortic, and interaortocaval LNs.