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n.1.An apprehension or opinion formed before examination or knowledge.
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Lastly, and perhaps, most uncannily in Kafka's preapprehension in this story, is the attitude of the Explorer.
47) With this statement, it seems to me, The Trial springs forward from its echoes of the other tales and, indeed, transcends being a preapprehension of the Holocaust.
In acts of knowledge and volition, a person experiences the inexhaustible depth and richness of the totality of being; this experience is an unthematic, nonconceptualized preapprehension of God as the end of all dynamic acts of the human spirit.
To have this awareness, Rahner argues, one already has a preapprehension or pregrasp (vorgriff) of the unlimited, infinite horizon or total context of all being.
229-33; the difference between Rahner and Lonergan on this point is rooted in the difference between Rahner's preapprehension of being and Lonergan's open, unrestricted desire to know, which is a pure heuristic notion or anticipation of being.
Preapprehension does not mean a determined judgment but rather an intellectual "horizon": a preconceptual, nonobjective grasp of the Absolute.