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a.1.Taking or using precaution; precautionary.
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The most sure and most precautious chap that ever handled niggers.
In order to stop terrorists, extremists, miscreant fasaadis, pseudo-Jihadi elements from commiting their crimes, and as a pre-emptive and precautious measure, security and law enforcement agencies were also reported taking away such potentially threatful and endangering elements who came to be known as missing or disappeared persons, before they could commit crimes or terrorism.
The book shows us how to perceive life with a precautious eye helping us to better understand the world, spot imbalances, succeed in life, influence others and contribute to equality, by applying the symmetry of skin in the game in every aspect of our daily life.
I'm a peace with taking the heat for being precautious.
The Government of Nepal has issued warning with prediction of more rainfall in the coming days urging precautious measures.
Other scheduled conferences were postponed as a precautious action.
This one states: "In order to protect the environment, the precautious approach will be widely adopted by states according to their aptitudes.
Elder drivers are conscious of their risks and use compensatory measures, avoiding dangerous driving conditions (such as heavy traffic or risky weather conditions), prefer taking known routes, and precautious driving techniques (18).
Nonetheless, the Romanian legislator manifested reticence on addressing the definition of this concept, and the attitude of the Constitutional Court to invoke it in its decision, was a precautious one: "The functions and the content of these values in our constitutional system are not too clear, owing to the fact that, on one side, they give the impression of some meta-juridical concepts, with a vague content, sometimes impossible to be transposed in clear juridical terms, and, on the other side, the Constitutional Court usually avoids to resort directly to these values, and when it does, it avoids to determine a clear content for them" (Danisor, 2009: 50).
As part of the precautious against unwarranted movement of illegal immigrants, curbing the flow of refugees from the Middle East and migrants from Southeast Europe, European borders are increasingly getting tighter, resultantly choking smooth economic flow.
On the other hand, with persistent traffic, TCP Vegas mostly works in the congestion avoidance mode, which manages the congestion window in a precautious manner to avoid an over-accumulation of packets at the buffer [20, 21].
They were urged to comply with the advisory which was issued by the Foreign Ministry to be precautious, stay indoors and contact the competent authorities in Bahrain in case of emergency.