n.1.A precept.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It must have been the devil himself that made Maule so subtile in his preception.
"Ressourcenwahrnehmung und Bodenrecht der Dayak Benuaq in Ost Kalimantan, Indonesien: Ein Fallbeispiel aus Engkuni Pasek" [The preception of resources and land right among the Dayak Benuaq in East Kalimantan, Indonesia: An example from Engkuni Pasek].
[Simmons 2001] Leibniz viewed consciousness as a perception of perceptions, pointing out that consciousness requires two very different perceptual acts: a first-order perception of 'x', and a second-order reflective preception of the original perception of 'x'.
The freedom of choice of the job was assessed by the following question: "Did you chose to work in the dialysis unit as your own personal preference?" The nurses were also asked: "If you were offered a free choice, would you choose to work in the dialysis unit at this point?" Individual preception of the relationship with management and patients was assessed by the questions: "In your opinion, do you have a satisfactory relationship with nursing management?" and "In your opinion, do you have a satisfactory relationship with patients?" In order to dichotomize years of experience, we chose the median as the cut point.
Sex specific differences in preception of the pheromone in Anastrepha fratreculus.
Some readers said not enough effort was being made in the magazine to bolster the preception of engineering to the wider world, so we will give some thought to how that might be achieved.
Le biographe du general, Jean Lacouture, donne une explication pour cette preception : << L'opinion francaise dans son ensemble, percut le voyage en URSS et la face a face de Gaulle-Staline comme les manifestations d'une renaissance nationale.
Medical biotechnology: achievements, prospects and preception. Tokyo, New York, Paris: United Nations University press; 2006.