Predial servitude

(Law) that which one estate owes to another estate. When it related to lands, vineyards, gardens, or the like, it is called rural; when it related to houses and buildings, it is called urban.

See also: Servitude

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Suppose Anna and Betty created a predial servitude.
This is so because a predial servitude is held by whoever happens to own
advantage of the property" created a predial servitude.
on the rear of the servient estate created a predial servitude.
did create a valid predial servitude because it restricted competition
plaintiff argued that this predial servitude violated public policy by
neither constitutes a predial servitude because neither confers a
advantage that may be established by a predial servitude.
Winn-Dixie cannot hold a true predial servitude because it does not own
are those predial servitudes created by the landowner for the
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