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A synthetic corticosteroid, C21H26O5, derived from cortisone and used as an antiallergy, immunosuppressive, and anti-inflammatory drug.

[pre(gnane), a steroid (from pregnant) + d(i-) + -(e)n(e) + (cort)isone.]


(Pharmacology) a steroid drug derived from cortisone and having the same uses
[C20: perhaps from pre(gnant) + -d(ie)n(e) + (cort)isone]


(ˈprɛd nəˌsoʊn, -ˌzoʊn)

an analog of cortisone, C21H26O5, used in tablet form chiefly for treating allergies, autoimmune diseases, and certain cancers.
[1950–55; pre(gna)d(ie)n(e), a component of its chemical name + (cort) isone]
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Noun1.prednisone - a dehydrogenated analogue of cortisol (trade names Orasone or Deltasone or Liquid Pred or Meticorten); used as an anti-inflammatory drug in the treatment of arthritis and as an immunosuppressant
anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory drug - a medicine intended to reduce inflammation
glucocorticoid - a steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal cortex of animals; affects functioning of gonads and has anti-inflammatory activity


n prednisona
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She was still on a huge regimen of medications, including "insanely high doses of prednizone so I couldn't sleep - I buzzed all the time," so Monfort would go out into the halls in the middle of the night to walk around.
For allergies, veterinarians often prescribe antihistamines that can make a pet drowsy, or steroids like Prednizone that can cause incontinence in the short-term and liver damage in the long-term.