v. t.1.To elect beforehand.
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None of the networks or national newspapers reported this news, despite heavy preelect on reportage that Asian-Americans would side with whites against affirmative action.
where WCL, VCL, and PEXP are defined as in equation 1; POSTELECT is a dummy variable equal to 1 in May-July 1979 and July-September 1983, 0 otherwise; PREELECT is a dummy variable equal to 1 in February-April 1979 and April-June 1983 and 1987, 0 otherwise; and D8387 is a dummy variable equal to 1 from July 1983 to June 1987, 0 otherwise.
To take this pattern into account, we have included an interactive term, PREELECT * [VCL.sub.t],(25) to capture the disconnection between preferences and expectations during the electoral period.(26)
This disconnection should manifest itself in a positive coefficient for the PREELECT * [VCL.sub.t] variable.
During the months immediately preceding an election, this effect is booster, by the coefficient on the PREELECT * [VCL.sub.t] interaction term, to nearly a 25-point difference.
Particularly revealing is the preelection adjustment (PREELECT * [VCL.sub.t]).
The interaction of VCL with PREELECT is also a strong indication that aggregate VCL belongs in the expectations model.
Do the additive variable PREELECT and the variable POSTELECT (introduced earlier) need to be included as well for proper specification?
To make sure that we get at least one CH in almost every grid, more than required number of CHs are preelected in the first phase of CH election.
In DUCA more number of CHs are needed to be preelected than eventually required; that is, we need to keep [p.sub.CH] > C/n.
The preelected CHs in phase 1 are not evenly distributed; therefore, the aim of this phase is to get an even distribution of CHs in the network Following are the steps taken.