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n.1.Prior engagement, obligation, or attachment, as by contract, promise, or affection.
My preëngagements to other themes were not unknown to those for whom I was to write.
- Boyle.
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Tenders are invited for Regarding Purchase of items for various Trades running under CTS Scheme in different Industrial Training Institutes of Punjab Air ratchet with standard accessories,Welding plant Oxy-Acetylene complete ( high pressure),Starter motor axial type, preengagement type & Co-axial type
Not even a picture that showed too much leg - like poor little Diana in her preengagement innocence.
I commend Lt Col Rob Spalding on his cogent and germane remarks in "Why Red Flag is Obsolete" (Fall 2006), but his analysis stops just short of a third and vital scenario: preengagement of main battle forces.