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tr.v. pre·fab·ri·cat·ed, pre·fab·ri·cat·ing, pre·fab·ri·cates
1. To manufacture (a building or section of a building, for example) in advance, especially in standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled.
2. To make up, construct, or develop in an artificial, unoriginal, or stereotypic manner.

pre·fab′ri·ca′tion n.
pre·fab′ri·ca′tor n.
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Noun1.prefabrication - the manufacture of sections of a building at the factory so they can be easily and rapidly assembled at the building siteprefabrication - the manufacture of sections of a building at the factory so they can be easily and rapidly assembled at the building site
manufacturing, manufacture, fabrication - the act of making something (a product) from raw materials; "the synthesis and fabrication of single crystals"; "an improvement in the manufacture of explosives"; "manufacturing is vital to Great Britain"
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Market Size and Forecast by Prefabricated Construction Type (for each country)
While the concept is not a completely new one for the Middle East -- prefabricated concrete has been widely used in industries such as oil and gas, and the sector is largely aware of its benefits -- last year saw a slew of announcements related to prefabricated construction.
After all, other cities facing affordable housing shortages in the United States and around the world use the prefabricated construction method to build modular affordable units.
Being an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, Jiangsu Saite principally engages in the construction of steel structure and prefabricated construction projects.
The design will be based on space exploration technology and prefabricated construction techniques, which will be modelled on an eco-friendly house that doesn't impact the environment," McGetrick said.
Modular construction is a form of prefabricated construction that allows major structures or components of a building to be made in factories and transported to a construction site for assembly, thereby saving time and reducing waste.
Evo Business Environments, which sells office furniture and DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) prefabricated construction products, is using a different software program called ICE, which costs about $5,000 a year.
Under this system, classrooms are made from a modular prefabricated construction and are located outside the schools' established buildings.
Prefabricated construction, beginning in Europe after World War II, has been commonplace in many parts of the world for decades.
" Prefabricated construction imparts strong structural strength enabling such structures to withstand earthquakes, which also matters in the seismic- sensitive Indian landscape," says B.
Prefabricated construction is one of the most widely used modern methods of constructions (MMC) in the world as of 2015.