n.1.Prior knowledge.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They may impede users who lack knowledge about the metaphor's source domain, and they may trigger unrelated preknowledge in the user's mental model.
This is because the preknowledge of the target items varied across the participants, and relative gains take into account the learning opportunities that vary amongst the participants (Webb & Chang, 2015).
* To answer RQ1, statistics were obtained for learning outcome measures, including means and standard deviations (SDs), and a paired-sample t-test was conducted to compare the difference between post- and preknowledge test scores.
(40) This preknowledge is mysteriously given to us--we simply 'find' it, without our own doing in our awareness, and we already use this 'tacit' (41) knowledge while making it philosophically explicit.
With the preknowledge of the change rate of FHR, the window length can be empirically selected as 5-10 s to obtain an acceptable trade-off.
The target of blind source separation (BSS) is to retrieve the input signals called sources from their mixtures coming to multiple sensors without any preknowledge about the mixing process.
Moreover, according to the preknowledge related to data before embedding, we classify the embedding method into preknowledge dependent embedding and preknowledge independent embedding.
These methods required information about preknowledge in allocating optimal treatment, responding to each patient's risk category, which should be provided to evaluate the models.