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 (prĕl′ōg′), Vladimir 1906-1998.
Sarajevo-born Swiss chemist. He shared a 1975 Nobel Prize for research on the structure of biological molecules.


(ˈprɛl ɔg, -ɒg)

Vladimir, 1906–98, Swiss chemist, born in Sarajevo, Bosnia (then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire).
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After completing a year of research on nucleic acids and proteins, while he was working under Professor Vladimir Prelog in Zurich, Switzerland, Khorana moved to Canada in 1952 where he worked at the University of British Columbia.
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Brian was the perfect fit," explains Chris Prelog, vice president of hotel operations at Seabourn Cruise Line, "because he has an authentic approach to craft cocktails that's really unique.
Sanchez Alonso, Garcia de Valdeavellano, Stero, Gil Fernandez y Prelog, entre otros, se han hecho eco de este duro juicio, con expresiones que van de <<latinidad ulcerada>> a <<estilo miserable>>.
The literature values for the enantiomeric excess (ee%) (obtained experimentally) are also shown in the tables as well as the enzyme Prelog behavior for the given substrate (further described below).
The technologies gained from BDW will complement the low-pressure casting capabilities we recently acquired from Grenville Castings," said Horst Prelog, company president.
The reports quoted Horst Prelog, president of Cosma International as saying "We recognize GACC's strong presence in the China supply base, and combined with Cosma's global experience, we anticipate a successful and collaborative team approach to support our customers.
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According to Horst Prelog, President, Cosma International, 'Receiving this third-generation frame business from GM is a real testament to our ability to deliver on key areas including cost and quality.
SEND-OFF: Croatia's ambassador to Ireland Nenad Prelog wishes Darren O'Hanrahan and Dean Carolan a happy trip to his country
The Prelog expands the Returnable Transit Packaging range, which already includes the recently launched ALC and Trojan containers.
Prelog discussed approaches in other countries, as well as issues of accessibility, which are complicated by copyright and physical access.