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A trademark for a drug preparation of conjugated estrogens.
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(ˈprɛm ə rɪn)
Trademark. a brand name for a mixture of conjugated natural estrogens used chiefly for estrogen replacement therapy.
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The story of Premarin illustrates the competitive problem when information about a patented product, necessary for interchangeable competition, is developed after the patent is filed.
The current KEEPS trial under way (Harman, Naftolin ea) will soon show what balance of benefit and harm there is between 450mcg a day oral premarin or 50mcg a day estradiol patch or placebo, (with or without parenteral progesterone) in young postmenopausal women.
The name of the medication, Premarin, came from its origins: PREgnant MARes' urINe.
On the other hand, insignificant results for breast cancer with estrogen alone (Premarin) in women seen during therapy who'd had a hysterectomy turned into a 21 percent decreased risk of the disease in the long-term follow up, the researchers reported.
The facility supplies the active ingredient for its Premarin hormone replacement therapy (HRT) brand.
Many of us have grown up with Premarin (pregnant horse urine), and have used it for management of menopausal symptoms.
A jury also awarded Scroggin $27 million in punitive damages after concluding that Wyeth inadequately warned her that its drugs Premarin and Prempro carried an increased risk of breast cancer.
In 2002 and 2004, investigators for the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), the first primary prevention trial of hormone use, halted the estrogen/progestin (Prempro) and the estrogen alone (Premarin) arms of the trial when the drugs' risks were found to exceed the benefits in healthy women ages 50-79.
Regardless, in the wake of the study, out came claims that what had been harmful to the women were the artificial hormones used in the study, namely Premarin and Provera.
The correct method of HT, in my opinion, is the use of Premarin from days 1 to 25 of the month, combined with Provera from days 13 to 25 of the month.
An entire chapter is devoted to natural female hormone replacement, with avoidance of the sometimes disastrous side effects of synthetic hormones such as Premarin and Provera.