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v. t.1.To premise.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A Shenzhen border authority official said Chinese citizens from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are able to use a home return premit issued by Beijing when traveling to China, since citizens from those regions aren't considered foreigners, the ( South China Morning Post  reported.
In order to prove the first result we premit the following.
fremens premit advena classes | tigris et aerata gradiens vectatur in aula.).
The judge tasked with issuing the premit must determine if the the prosecution office and the investigating authorities have no other options for collecting evidence.
(5) Diem nox premit, dies noctem, aestas in autumnum desinit, autumno hiemps instat, quae vere compescitur; omnia sic transeunt ut revertantur.
(81) Filelfo, 2005, 96 (Satyrae 2.4.34-40): "litem fuge, amice, malignam / invidiaeque luem, ne dum contendere verbis / ipse paras, patiare nefas et tristia facta: / iudice nam pravo superant mendacia verum, / et vis iura premit. Stultum est contendere frustra, / nec damnosa placer victoria.
PENNSYLVANIA Zones 1 through 7 SOUTH DAKOTA Central Black Hills UTAH Limited entry units WASHINGTON Premit only areas, Blue Mts.