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Noun1.Premium Bond - a government bond that bears no interest or capital gains but enters the holder into lotteries
Britain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
bond certificate, bond - a certificate of debt (usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a fixed sum to repay the principal
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PREMIUM Bonds do you ditch or stick with Britain's favourite savings product?
PREMIUM Bonds are celebrating 60 years since the first draw on June 1 1957.
Premium Bonds holders can reduce the chances of their prizes becoming unclaimed by registering to have any prizes paid directly into their bank accounts.
In a move affecting more than 21 million customers, the changes which took place from May 1 apply to Premium Bonds, the Direct Isa, the Direct Saver and Income Bonds.
The investment was an immediate hit and by the end of the first day PS5million worth of Premium Bonds had been sold.
PREMIUM BONDS DEAL WITH POST OFFICE WILL END POST Offices will stop selling premium bonds after a contract with NS&I comes to an end.
SAVERS will now be able to invest a further PS10,000 in Premium Bonds as the maximum holding limit is being increased from PS40,000 to PS50,000.
You may be wondering, given that premium bonds don't cost any more than par bonds, whether there is any benefit to these bonds over par, or "regular.
A MYSTERY man from Kirklees is PS1 million richer thanks to a Premium Bonds win.
Last month the maximum you can hold in Premium Bonds was increased from PS30,000 to PS40,000, and next year it will be increased further to PS50,000.