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a rare word for preconception


(ˌpri kənˈsɛp ʃən)

1. a conception or opinion formed beforehand.
2. a prejudice or bias.
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The out of the way accommodation of political elites by Mr Khan and PTI is also a prenotion of possible post-election allocation of critical ministerial and cabinet assignments While Khan proclaimed himself and the PTI to be the agents of change required to elevate the socio-economic status of the public, establish the rule of law across the table, and eradicate corruption from the midst, now seems to be taking a new (rather old) direction that seems to be undoing all the tall claims.
Ces cliches sur les sens constituent une <<litanie audiovisuelle>>, selon les mots de Sterne; ils vehiculent des idees qui paraissent naturelles, mais qui sont, en fait, teintees de prenotions culturelles.
Le detour anthropologique (Balandier, 1985) Roumanie-France a une vertu majeure: le fait de m'immerger dans la realite francaise m'a permis de me detacher de mes prenotions et de mes prejuges de jeune roumaine.