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tr.v. pre·paid, pre·pay·ing, pre·pays
To pay or pay for beforehand.

pre·pay′ment n.
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Noun1.prepayment - payment in advance
defrayal, defrayment, payment - the act of paying money
دَفْع الأجْرَة مقدَّما
platba předem
elõre fizetés
platba vopred
önceden/peşin ödeme


[ˈpriːˈpeɪmənt] Npago m por adelantado, pago m anticipado



(priːˈpei) past tense, past participle ˌpreˈpaid verb
to pay in advance.
ˌpreˈpayment noun
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Although HOEPA rules are largely unchanged from the current provisions in Regulation Z, the Board did amend two HOEPA sections of Regulation Z related to loan limitations for prepayment penalties as well as a borrower's ability to repay a loan.
Traditionally a difficult component to manage, prepayment penalties have been simplified with ConformX 3.
Moreover, subprime loans often include prepayment penalties that extend farther into the future than those on prime loans.
Yield maintenance is similar to the guaranteed interest prepayment penalty we just discussed in the sense that both forms of prepayment penalties require the borrower to compensate the lender for a loss of a future expectation of interest payment--or yield.
In a victory achieved thanks to work of the community group ACORN, Ocwen Loan Servicing agreed in December to stop charging prepayment penalties to hurricane survivors.
Prepayment penalties are used by lenders to attract investors to purchase the originated loan.
The poor, the young and the old are particularly vulnerable to legal usury - which can include payday loans from check-cashing outlets that charge as much as $45 for a two-week loan of $300, low-limit and high-interest credit cards, and home loans with excessive upfront costs, prepayment penalties and high interest rates.
The bill would also amend the TILA to restrict the terms of high-cost mortgage loans--for example, by prohibiting prepayment penalties, balloon payments, and negative amortization in such loans.
Prepayment penalties under this option are moderated as well.
The addition of prepayment penalty compliance to ConformX will allow users to have updated prepayment penalties automatically added to the loan.
The loan has a one-year term with no prepayment penalties.