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a.1.(Anat.) Situated in front of, or anterior to, the pubis; pertaining to the prepubis.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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According to the experimental group, in the Video group, a single videolaparoscopic approach was established in the median prepubic region, using a small cutaneous incision for insertion of 11mm trocar, according to BRUN et al.
In advanced cases ventral abdominal hernia or prepubic tendon rupture will frequently develop.
Ectopic testicles were defined to have a perineal, femoral, prepubic, contralateral scrotal, or superficial inguinal pouch location.
Congenital prepubic sinus (CPS) is a rare anomaly characterized by a sinus tract extending from the prepubic area to the anterior bladder wall.
In extreme cases, significant prepubic phlegmon and urinary retention can occur [12].
Concealed penis is a congenital abnormality in which the penis is buried below the surface of prepubic skin.
higher than wide) centra; the neural spines of the caudal vertebrae are elongated, posterodorsally inclined and transversely thickened; the prepubic process is expanded with dorsal and ventral edges that diverge towards its anterior end, the ventral edge being more concave than the dorsal in profile.
prepubic tendon rupture, dyspnoea, rupture of uterus and death of dam etc.
Patients usually present with empty scrotum and a painful palpable mass either in the inguinal region, prepubic area, or crural location.
Mizutani, "A case of malignant rhabdoid tumor arising from soft parts in the prepubic region," Acta Pathologica Japonica, vol.
A dog's oral swab and cystocentesis for urine collection were carried out immediately Cystocentesis was performed by aseptic technique: prepubic hair was clipped and the skin was cleaned and disinfected with alcohol and clorhexidine before the insertion of a needle connected to a 10 mL syringe to collect urine directly from the dog's bladder.
Schaal CH, Costa RP, Sala FC, Vanni AP, Cortez JP:Longitudinal urethral sling with prepubic and retropubic fixation for male urinary incontinence.