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n.1.(Arch.) Same as Presbytery, 4.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Neville Joe Perera, the national coordinator for Sri Lankan migrants in Italy who con celebrated at the mass made a special vote of thanks to His lordship and the presbyterium of the diocese for making this special arrangement to commemorate the Sri Lankan Easter Sunday victims.
"The holiness of the priests will reflect on the holiness of the Catholic faithful, and if there's corruption among the faithful, it will only be a reflection of the corruption of the presbyterium. If there's holiness in the parish, it can only be a reflection of the sanctity of the parish priests.
Both priests were on their way back to Guiuan after attending the presbyterium meeting of the Diocese of Borongan.
Tout en revendiquant la filiation du Concile Vatican II (ils citent plus specialement Presbyterium Ordinis, chpt I, et Ad Gentes, chpt I et II) et du Chapitre de 1967, ils revendiquent la possibilite d'etre du monde afin d'elaborer dans le monde un langage nouveau pour temoigner de la foi.
La sinodalidad se manifiesta en diversos planos, sea en el ambito de la universal comunion de las Iglesias, sea en las relaciones de los Obispos con el Papa y entre si; entre cada Obispo y el presbyterium de la Iglesia local; y entre pastores y fieles en el seno de cada Iglesia local (sinodos diocesanos, consejos pastorales y parroquiales, etc.).
In a statement, Medroso and the rest of the Presbyterium of the Diocese of Tagbilaran mourned the death of Biliran whom he described as 'a gift to the Church as he was very generous, meek and humble, and was known to be a good Pastor.'
In dioceses such as Idukki and Thamarassery, Church's involvement in politics has divided even the presbyterium and the community into many factions.
In other words, the pope stands "among the bishops not as Peter among the apostles, but as a definitive Peter in his own local church, constituting and enabling their manifold presence as Peter in their own local churches, with each local presbyterium representing the apostolic college." (52)
(23) See Franz Fruhmorgen, Bischof und Bistum--Bischof und Presbyterium: Eine liturgiewissenschaftliche Studie zu den Artikeln 41 und 42 der Liturgiekonstitution des Zweiten Vatikanums (Regensburg: Pustet, 1994).